The Presco Service – a complete way of doing business
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The Presco Service – a complete way of doing business

Posted by Tim Painter on

We talk a lot about the Presco level of service, in our catalogue, on the website and pretty much everywhere else. This is not just marketing blurb, we believe we offer a different level of service to our customers, staff and suppliers. Read about how we provide this and why we think it’s important.


We know our business is all about you, your needs, your enquiries, your orders. That’s why, first of all, we listen to what you ask for, then we give you what you are looking, plus some extra! We are always waiting by the phones to talk to you as we know that you can help us improve our business, our products and our solutions better than any management meetings or focus groups.

So right from giving extra help on the phone at time of order or enquiry through to personally following up your samples to make sure you got the right thing, we will always take an interest in you.

We all appreciate attention and it’s the extra touches that make the difference. Which explains why you might find a few sweets and a thank you message in your order from Presco, and a personalised welcome pack with your first order if you are new to us.


We believe that unrivalled service starts within the company itself. If our staff all love Presco as much as the founders do then we are selling from the same catalogue. That’s why we look after our staff at top level including free hot lunches every day, clean and efficient facilities and great workspaces to work and meet in.

As the MD, I work with the team in the main office to ensure we are interacting on every level of the business. Staff can talk to me at any time with ideas, improvements and suggestions that we then make happen. All staff share in company profits through the Presco Rewards scheme, where percentages of profit each month are shared equally between all members of the team.

If you feel you’d love to work in this environment, helping customers and driving innovation in products and solutions in the finishing industry then get in touch. Send your CV to where it will be looked at in confidence and we can let you know if we have any current openings.


Presco has a long history of excellent relationships with suppliers. In one way, we regard suppliers as being as important as our customers, they are helping us get the customer the right product at the right price, on time, every time. We value their commitment to us and have always maintained prompt payments and care for them as we don’t believe in letting anyone down.

In a profit-driven world, why is Presco wasting time on service?

Well, we think the fact that Presco exists and thrives shows that you can marry value to service and still keep to our founding principles of providing top level service at competitive prices. We like to see a bit of profit to pay the bills but we make no secret of the fact we really need your business to grow Presco and keep the improvements coming.

Thank you for reading a little about how we do business – if you have not yet bought from Presco change this today and let us dazzle you! If you have any ideas, thoughts or comments just let us know.

In summary, we believe that once you have experienced our level of care for you it will be difficult to settle for anything else! Presco is about providing attention, help and solutions to your finishing problems and challenges so that we benefit from the business and you walk away with a perfectly finished job.

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