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Bulk offers on our calendar cases

Posted by Jessica Joynt on

Our calendar cases are a clear plastic foldback holder designed to use as a desk top calendar which accommodates 13/14 leaves of 250gsm card and packs flat, taking up very little space. These cases are one of the most popular calendar choices in recent years. Presco stocks CD, Mini, Landscape and A5 Calendar cases. Click on the links to find the insert and external measurements of these cases.

Calendar hangers are available in 57mm, 76mm and 102mm lengths. We stock a wide range of colours that are sure to suit your calendar theme and binding wires to finish the job! Calendar hangers is only one of the calendar components we sell, check out our Certa binding wires, calendar sliding windows and thumbcut punches.

Calendar sliding windows are clear plastic strips that wrap around the calendar and are held in place by an elastic tag, hidden behind the calendar. These sliding windows come with a prominent red square that slides along the strip, making it easy to view the date it’s highlighting. 

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