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How to get quality double sided tape

Posted by Matthew Painter on

Quality double sided tape that doesn't fall apart after a few days is the key to sending out a job and being happy that you're never going to see it again or worrying for weeks wondering when the client is going to come back and demand a reprint. Sourcing the right double sided tape at the right price has been a challenge for our customers for years, and one we're still working to solve completely.  

If you're buying double sided tape you may be getting it as an add-on from your box or packaging supplier, you may be buying from an adhesive supplier, you may be getting it from a stationery company or many other options. However you're buying it, the chances are that you're simply not happy with quality or performance of the tape but not sure where else to go. 

We've had customers complain bitterly about cheap double sided tape they get from their packaging supplier, but don't know where to look for a better range that explains what different tapes are suitable for and materials that can be stuck to. Other customers told us about the inconsistency with many double sided tapes, that they might work one week, then fail the next week after being stored in a cold warehouse for a few days. By contrast, one customer in the middle east simply could not find a tape that would bond successfully in warm conditions. Numerous other complaints followed, they didn't like their existing supply, but would our standard double sided tapes be any better?  

12 months ago we didn't really have a solution for this. But now we had realised it was a bigger and bigger problem we decided to change everything. Last February we started the project that has become Guarantape. A range of sensibly priced (and very competitive on carton or pallet quantities) tapes that start from very basic paper-to-paper adhesive right up to incredibly strong outdoor and sign making double sided tapes. 

For Guarantape every single type of tape was sourced, specified, manufactured, tested, re-tested, amended, specified, manufactured, tested and tested again. Finally, when we were completely happy and test clients were happy we would confidently add that tape to the new Guarantape range, which soon grew from 3 tapes to 8.

Guarantape currently includes these 8 standard tape lines, all in stock for fast delivery, and these truly are tapes with a difference. You have the assurance with each one that it has been tested on the materials and jobs we recommend. We have undertaken freezer tests, oven tests and weight strain tests, and still these tapes are up for the job. 

If you have not yet seen our Guarantape range, we will be happy to send you a free brochure showing the current range of double sided tapes. We have invested heavily in developing a range that will not fail you, and finally we have a clear answer for any customer with a tape problem - "Try Guarantape".

Click here to request a Guarantape leaflet now.

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